Frequently Asked Questions about Participating in Clinical Trials

Are you or a loved one thinking about joining a clinical trial? Here at TrialSearch, we often hear similar questions from potential participants, so we’ve answered them all for you below. If something you’re wondering about isn’t covered, please reach out to us directly.

About clinical trials and other basics

Who can participate in a clinical trial?

Anyone is eligible to participate in a clinical trial. However, each study has its own eligibility criteria that defines those who qualify and those that do not based on factors such as age, gender, type of condition, treatment or medication history and other medical factors.

Where do clinical trials take place?

Clinical trials take place in hospitals, doctor’s offices, universities, and community clinics across the world. Some decentralized trials can take place partly, or entirely, virtually or with in-home care.

Why would I want to join a trial?

Everyone has a different reason for participating in a clinical trial. People often participate in clinical trials because they’re not satisfied with their current treatment and participation may mean identifying better treatment options. It is also a great opportunity to be seen by some of the best doctors in their medical fields.

Another benefit can be advancing medicine for other people suffering from the same condition. Participation helps contribute to a great cause. By signing up, volunteers can help bring new preventative tactics, treatments, and diagnostic tests for health conditions of all kinds.

Will I get paid for participating in a clinical trial?

You may be compensated for participating in a clinical trial. Most clinical trials provide financial compensation to participants for their time and travel related to the study. It’s important to note that these payments are not meant to become a stipend or income for incentivizing you to join a study. Compensation varies by study and location and will be shared with you in more detail by the study team.

Do I have to pay to be a part of a clinical trial?

Participants generally do not have to pay out-of-pocket costs for their care or treatment during the trial. Each trial is unique, but research costs are typically fully paid for by the company running the study.

Do I need insurance to participate in a clinical trial?

No, you do not need health insurance to participate in a clinical trial. However, while your study-related care and treatment costs are covered by the company running the study, you do remain responsible for paying any other standard medical care costs you incur while participating in a trial – the same as you would if you were not participating in a trial.

Can I keep visiting my existing physicians?

Yes, you can continue to see any primary care physicians or anyone else you’d like on your health care team. It is recommended that your primary care physician be informed that you are enrolled in a study. With your informed consent and permission, the study team is able to share this information with your provider(s).

How safe are clinical trials?

When performing clinical trials, researchers put the safety of the participants above all else. All of the clinical trials available through TrialSearch are FDA-authorized and thoroughly evaluated against ethical and safety standards.

Learn more about clinical trial safety.

How do I actually enroll in a trial?

TrialSearch can help you through enrollment – start to finish. Simply express interest in trials for your conditions or pre-screen for a trial near you, and our team of study coordinators will reach out to discuss qualification criteria and connect you directly with trials that match.

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Can I leave a clinical trial after I have been enrolled?

Yes, you can choose to stop participating in a clinical trial at any time and for any reason.

What can TrialSearch do for me, a potential clinical trial participant?

TrialSearch can help you find an actively enrolling clinical trial that’s a fit for you. We partner with the majority of medical and pharmaceutical companies who are continually conducting trials and launching new potential treatments. Because we add newly enrolling clinical trials all the time, TrialSearch can also alert you if there is a new study that might be a good match for you.

Since 2012, our team has worked side-by-side with those who suffer from chronic health conditions to help them find trials across more than 175 therapeutic areas – and we can be your guide too. Our medically trained study coordinators will work with you every step of the way through what can often be a confusing clinical trial enrollment process. If you’re considering a clinical trial, let’s find your care together.