High Blood Pressure Clinical Trials

Recent clinical trials for high blood pressure have provided some new information about:1, 2

  • How blood pressure numbers and the ways we monitor blood pressure predict the risk of complications1
  • The importance of regular blood pressure monitoring in patients with specific types of high blood pressure1
  • Possible new ways to control blood pressure using a device instead of medications1
  • Ways to treat high blood pressure in specific groups of patients2
  • The link between high blood pressure or high blood pressure medications and brain health2

Recent Trends in High Blood Pressure Studies

Some areas that are being researched in hypertension research studies include:2

  • The possible links between our genes and high blood pressure
  • The possible links between inflammation and gut health and high blood pressure
  • How well patients stick to taking their medications

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There are a few areas of research that are especially hot topics right now.2 One of these is women’s health. The goal of some of these current studies is to prevent pregnancy complications that can affect the health of women and their children.

Another important area of research is studying the differences in blood pressure health among groups of people, like people of different races or ethnicities.2 In the US, the number of Black and Hispanic adults with high blood pressure is much higher than the number of adults in other racial and ethnic groups with high blood pressure. The goal of some of these current studies is to improve blood pressure among people in these high-risk groups.

High Blood Pressure Clinical Trials

Study eligibility criteria are a list of requirements that must be met or qualities that a person must have to participate in a clinical trial.3 When you search for a clinical trial, you can view its eligibility criteria. Criteria may include things like your age or any conditions or diseases you have. Inclusion criteria are qualities that the researchers are looking for in people joining a study. Exclusion criteria are qualities that prevent you from joining a study.

Criteria are different for each study.4 For high blood pressure studies, inclusion criteria might include a diagnosis of high blood pressure, blood pressure stage, or specific blood pressure numbers. Because there is a lot of high blood pressure research going on in the areas of women’s health and other high-risk groups, additional inclusion criteria for high blood pressure clinical trials might include gender and/or sex, race, and ethnicity.

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